Wednesday 26 December 2007

18mm Eureka Prussian SYW Cuirassiers

I'm a great fan of Eureka's range of SYW figures. They are sold as 18mm and the cavalry are certainly big. The infantry, which I'm less keen on, are slightly larger than big 15mm ranges, like Old Glory. I keep buying figures, painting them with a mind to keeping them, then a few months down the line I sell them on aBay.

The range from Eureka presently has Prussians and Austrians and those are more or less complete. Russians will be available early in 2008, I'm told and they are researching the French army.

The 30 painted figures (moulded as one-piece) are of Prussian Cuirassier Regiment No.1
There are three variants of both horse and cavalryman for the rank-and-file and a single figure for the officer, standard bearer and trumpeter.

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