Tuesday 15 August 2017

Russian SYW: Vologdaskiy Infantry Regiment

Now I am starting on a big project to paint Russian infantry in 28mm. Here is the first of the regiments and the basing is unusual as it will allow both the early-war 3 battallion per Regiment organisation as well as the later-war 2 battalion per Regiment. The two battalion organisation (with two Grenadier companies, sometimes detached and sometimes not) is by far the more common but at the battle of Gross-Jagersdorff (1757) the old 3 battalion organisation shows up in OOBs. By just removing the third flag base one can create stronger two battalions for the later war period.

There will be 18 Regiments of foot (as above), as well as Grenadier Regiments and the Observation Corps, somewhere around 70-80 battalions!

Figures are mostly from the fantastic Foundry range although, for variety, there will be the occasional Front Rank or Crusader officer thrown in.

I think the Regiment looks rather impressive and I have enjoyed painting it but will I still be saying the same thing in 18 weeks time?

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  1. That's a beautiful regiment you have there and quite the task you are setting yourself. All the best with it and I look forward to watching your army grow.