Sunday 17 July 2016

Prussian Garrison Regiment VII

These are fantastic Perry figures from their AWI range and are meant to be Hessian garrison figures but, as they have gaiters, they are perfectly useable as SYW Prussians. Here they are painted up as two battalions of a Prussian Garrison regiment. As you would expect, the sculpting is excellent and I would say probably the best figures available.

There were 14 Garrison regiments and most started off as just two battalions strong. They were then increased to 4 battalions and this regiment was further augmented with Saxons post-Pirna to a total of six battalions. There were only grenadiers with the first two battalions and these were converged (as you saw last week) with those or IR47.

You might expect Garrison regiments to serve as garrisons for assorted fortresses but Frederick's terrible losses meant that they were often forced to serve with field armies. Not with HM himself as he always pinched the best available troops but in secondary armies like the one of Prince Henry. During 1758-9 battalions 3 and 5 served in the army in Saxony.

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  1. Lovely! Great to see some figures painted as a garrison regiment too. I've been meaning to try something similar for some time. Maybe the next batch of infantry?

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