Saturday 30 November 2013

Eureka's SYW Saxon Generals

These are lovely command figures from Eureka's Saxon range. The Saxons had established a uniform for officers of general rank in 1735, which was much earlier than most other European states, and which was based on the red coat which had been used from the 17th century.

The problem, from a painter's point of view, is the shade of red was called Ponceau Rot, a very dark shade of red. To do this justice I've had to use three reds outside my normal palette range and I'm not absolutely sure of the shade. The excellent article on Kronoskaf
does not help as the illustrations show a normal scarlet not a Ponceau Red. Still the figures are very pretty!


  1. Very nice, love the poses (they are looking proud!) and the colors...

  2. I agree with Phil. Great looking figures.