Friday, 4 May 2012

40mm Austrian battalion guns

The top two pictures show Sash & Saber's new SYW Austrian gun crews next to the 3pdr guns. In some cases I'll be using them individually as battalion guns (one gun between two battalions) and on other occasions as a field battery, as shown here. At the battle of Mollwitz, for example, the only artillery available to the Austrians were battalion guns so it will be nice for them to have some artillery to cheer them up.

The bottom two pictures show a conversion of a Front Rank 40mm AWI Continental officer. With 'greenstuff' to give him boots, a sash, larger cuffs and a cockade, he is transformed into the energetic
general commanding the Hungarian brigade, Haller.

My next job is to finish the Hungarian brigade - I've done one battalion so just 3 to go.


  1. Excellent painting and conversion work Nigel!

  2. Those guns are really nice! Very good work!

  3. Nice looking batteries. They must look impressively huge in person being 40mm. Best, Dean

  4. Fabulous gun battery

    -- Allan