Saturday 10 December 2011

SYW: Hessian 6pdr battery

This is a 12 gun battery of 6pdrs painted as a Hessian battery (6 gun models, 12 crew). The guns are by Front Rank and the crews are Foundry's Prussians.

Talking about Foundry, you probably know I used a number of their triad paints - that is paint grouped into 3s by tone. Recently I've noticed that a large number of the plastic tops have started to split, particularly on those that, oddly enough, I don't use very often. This is a disaster as the paint will rapidly start to dry out and these are not cheap paints. I've written to them to ask if I can buy some new caps and I'm awaiting an answer. I'll let you know the results (or lack thereof).


  1. A beautiful paintjob Nigel, love the yellow waistcoats, they really set the figures off. I've never bought the Foundry paints, they're a good idea, but far too expensive for me, shame about the lids though, GW paint lids used to split all the time, probably why they changed their pots over.


  2. Hi N hows things Vallejo sell empty bottle if you get stuck with Foundry though my caps are holding up well. Perhaps its your hot Summers in France compared to our mild damp ones ? Drew