Wednesday 8 December 2010

IR12.1 von Finck

The top three pictures show the first battalion of the Regiment von Finck (No.12), a regiment highly rated by Frederick when he reviewed the performance of his army after the SYW.

The bottom pictures shows both battalions in line. They are, if you missed my previous post, 40mm from Trident.

On the subject of the re-printing of the Greenwood & Ball SYW Uniform guides, I think we are now about a week away. One of the things I have included in the Prussian booklet is this rating system of Frederick's mentioned above: one star or two stars given to just a handful of Infantry and Cavalry units that may help you rate your wargames units.


  1. They look excellent...everyone of them an has even lost his hat...wonderfull painting.

  2. Great work, Nigel!

    Best wishes