Tuesday 15 December 2009

3.Buchowostoff Streltsi

Back in February 2008 I put on this blog some pictures of Streltsi units as well as some pictures of a Streltsi unit from TAG that I called 'Novgorod Streltsi'.

Comparing that unit with the newly painted Polish Haiduks I decided that the Russians needed reworking so I've added an extra standard bearer as well as an Orthodox priest and 'Armypainted' them all to give a less garish look. I like the priest (a TAG 'freebie') and plan to use this figure again. This unit has now beeen renamed as No.3 Buchowostoff Streltsi.

I've also included two OOBs for the armies I plan to paint. They are quite small, no more than 14-15 units a side, and the hope is to have these finished by this time next year. If I stick to two units a month that target should be reached!

I'm not sure if I'll have another posting here before Christmas, but if not, here is a Happy Christmas to you all - and, lets hope, a more prosperous 2010 than 2009 was.


  1. Very nice figures... and vaguely Christmas'ish as they look a little like a large bunch of aggressive Santa's in those hats!!

  2. Dear Friend
    what set of rules do you use for this period?

    Thanks and compliments!!!!