Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Saxon Karabiniergarde

This is the last cavalry regiment stuck in Poland at the start of the SYW. Oddly it's a Guard cuirassier unit so I'm not sure why it was stationed there. Also Kronoskaf has a number of uniform contradictions and I've made my own interpretation - they show white hat lace with white buttons but yellow lace on the shabraque. But the illustrated officer has gold lace and the description says yellow hat lace. I've gone with yellow hat lace and yellow buttons. Furthermore this may be a cuirassier regiment but it wore the cuirasse under the coat so I've used a dragoon figure and painted a black wedge where the cuirasse would have been, if worn at all.

Next week, back to Austrians and then there will be a pause as I will be in France.


  1. Lovely stuff Nigel!


  2. This unit looks great - I like the clear white coats in particular.
    I just posted such a regiment on my wishlist..