Friday, 3 July 2015

Prinz Albrecht Chevauxlegers

The penultimate of the Saxon cavalry units which missed the debacle at Pirna because they started the war in Poland, this one had a spirited reputation.

An interesting question (which I cannot answer definitively) is whether these units in Poland were mounted on smaller (and cheaper) Polish horses. My guess would be that the Uhlanen were but that these Chevauxlegers were not - despite their title of 'light horse'. In wargaming I would rate these as classy dragoons!


  1. A very handsome unit indeed, may I ask what color you've used for the darkest brown horses?

  2. That brown is Chocolate Brown (519) from Coat d'Arms over a black undercoat

  3. Oh, again a wonderful Saxon cavalry unit. I also tried that regiment, but my green is not so beautiful like yours. Well done! Would you pose them all together in one post? That would be impressive with the Ulans and all the others.