Monday, 27 March 2017

Serbskiy Hussars

I have started on the Russian Hussars and this is the first of five planned regiments. Some have this dramatic single-colour theme - in this case cornflower-blue and black. The next one will be an all-yellow regiment so start cleaning the sun-glasses.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

32nd (The Cornwall) Foot

So here is a 40 figure Victrix British battalion in a much cleaner, pristine look. I have used ArmyPainter on the trousers, but otherwise these chaps are in full dress.

Now you know I am a great fan of Perry figures but strangely I prefer these Victrix plastics. They are far more difficult to assemble than the Perry ones but I like the greater potential variety of poses. I guess if you are a patient soul you will be able to assemble the Victrix figures (I am not so their assembly was a bit of a strain) but otherwise, the Perry ones are hard to beat.

45th (1st Nottinghamshire) Foot

One of my slow-burn projects has been in the Peninsular of the Napoleonic Wars around 1810. The last time I painted a unit for this specific period was a blog post on 21st April 2009 so slow-burn is quite an accurate description. The unit I posted then was the 45th Foot and it has taken me eight years to flag the unit. I used Perry figures and went for a campaign look. These are new pictures of that unit and I will also be showing, in the next post, the new 32nd Foot using Victrix figures.

On reflection I don’t think I like the campaign look which is exemplified by the assorted colour of their trousers. I am moving to a more pristine look; it may not be quite so accurate but it reflects one of the reasons why people are attracted to the Napoleonic Wars – the glorious uniforms. So my inclination is to go to a full (and cleaner) dress.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Russian Cuirassiers (2)

If you remember back on the 27th January this year I posted pictures of three Dragoons regiments that were, during the course of the SYW, converted into Cuirassier regiments. They were Kazanski, Kievski and Novotroitsky. I have now painted them in Cuirassier kit as if they had been fully re-supplied and their title of 'faux' Cuirassiers can now be dropped.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

3rd Cuirassiers

 Here is the 3rd Russian Cuirassiers from the SYW.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

WAS in Italy: Modena Regiment

This is the third of the Modenese National Regiments I have painted and this one goes under the imaginative title of Modena. The previous ones were Reggio and Mirandola.

Figures are from the lovely Black Hussar SYW French range.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers

Here is the first of the Russian Cuirassier Regiments. This is what Kronoskaf says:

"Until 1732, the regiment was a unit of dragoons known as the "Yaroslavskiy Dragoon Regiment". In 1732, when Baron Munnich reorganised the Russian Army, the regiment was converted into the "3rd Cuirassier Regiment". It then successively became the "Bevern Cuirassier Regiment" in 1733, the "Braunschweig Cuirassier Regiment" in 1738, and the "Holstein-Gottorp Cuirassier Regiment" in 1742. The regiment was finally renamed the "Fedorovitch Cuirassier Regiment" in 1752.

The regiment counted 5 squadrons (10 companies for a total of about 800 men) and was stationed in Estonia and Livonia. Because of recruitment difficulties, it usually fielded only 4 squadrons while the fifth served as a reserve and for replenishing the ranks of the other squadrons. Each company consisted of 4 officers, 5 NCOs, 2 musicians and 69 troopers."

Figures are Foundry, as most have been recently. Similar problems with the horses though!