Monday, 21 April 2014

Saxons SYW: Grenadier Garde

These pictures show the Saxon Grenadier Garde in their early and late headgear. Interestingly, during the WAS they appear to have had yellow coats with red facings and this appears to have been reversed by the SYW.

Saxons SYW: Lubomirsky Regiment

Here is Regiment Lubomirsky, one of two Saxon regiments with yellow facings. We are approaching the end of this project soon.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

SYW Saxons: Bruhl Regiment

Regiment Bruhl was slightly unusual as throughout the war it appears to have had lapels. I have shown it with a dark red although this is conjectural. Note the late-war Grenadiers in bearskins. Also yellow buttons so yellow flag bordering and yellow drummer's lace.

SYW Saxons: Queen's Regiment

This is the first Battalion of the Queen's Regiment with it's pre-Pirna Grenadiers in mitres. Note that the bordering of the flags should always match the button colour. Kronoskaf is not always consistent in this matter.

Monday, 7 April 2014

SYW Saxons: Prinz Maximilian Regiment

You have to like those Saxon uniforms - so colourful!
Figures from Eureka of course

SYW Saxons: Prinz Gotha Infantry

Here is another Saxon Infantry Regiment, although I'm only showing you the first battalion. Note the minor uniform change from early war to late war in the second picture - the early war grenadiers wear the mitre and the uniform had no lapels. By the war's end the mitre had been replaced by the bearskin and lapels had been added to the coat. Such is the minutiae of uniforms that is my minor addiction.

Sorry about the absence of posts for a while - I've been on holiday in Thailand. I lived in Bangkok as a child 50 years ago and there have been a few changes since then.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

SYW 40mm: 6th Prussian Hussars “Fleischhacker”

Here is a squadron of Sash & Saber's new 40mm SYW Prussian hussars. I've just done the four figures and I plan to have 4 squadrons in total. At full strength Hussars were 10 squadrons strong, divided into two 'battalions' of 5 squadrons each, but were regularly hived off into smaller parts.

I painted this unit because of the unusual uniform, brown being quite a rarely used colour in the 18th century. The regiment was often referred to as” die Kapuziner” (the Capuchins) or the “Fleischhacker” (the butchers because brown was the colour of the guild of the butchers).