Tuesday, 17 November 2015

45+ squadrons of Austrian SYW Cavalry thundering into attack....

Four regimens of Cuirassiers take the first line (20 squ). The second line has three Dragoon regiments or another 15 squadrons. Bringing up the rear is a further two regiments of Dragoons flanked by 5 companies of Horse Grenadiers and two companies of Carabiniers.

These are all 25/28mm SYW figures, mostly from Crusader but with some Front Rank as well. I have never photographed quite so many cavalry.

Austrian SYW Cavalry: Hessen-Darmstadt Dragoons

The last regiment of heavy Austrian cavalry for this project (hurrah, hurrah)!
I have now completed 9 regiments of Cuirassiers and Dragoons. Just a couple of small hussar units to do and a few guns and, hey presto, this vast Austrian army is finished. Before the end of the year we will revert to Prussians.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Erzherzog Joseph Dragoons

Another distinguished Austrian Dragoon Regiment, this one was raised in 1688 by Hannibal! General of cavalry Gustav Hannibal count Löwenschild. The more I read about these regiment's war histories (all the way through the 18th century not just the SYW) the more I come to the view that Austrian Dragoons were of superb quality and possibly even better than their Cuirassier cousins. They can certainly run rings around their Prussian foes in the WAS and this regiment was on the successful left wing of the Austrian cavalry at Mollwitz.

Monday, 2 November 2015

WAS in Italy: Piedmontese Savoia Horse

This is the second of the Piedmontese Horse regiments. There was no difference in the uniforms except one had white buttons/lace and the other yellow. The bottom picture shows both together.
Normally they appear to have been split up and brigaded with a couple of dragoon regiments each and that is what I plan to do.