Friday, 5 June 2015

WAS in Italy (8): General Cinzano organizes his troops

I've painted up some Piedmontese light guns and a mounted General. The artillery crews are Prussians from Crusader with pompoms removed, cockades added and cuffs enlarged with green-stuff. The guns are Perrys AWI Hessian guns. I was not sure what colour to paint the Piedmontese artillery but a couple of sources suggested a shade of green so I've gone for a dark green.

The General is a magnificent one-piece-casting from the Perry's AWI French range - French colonels. They are lovely figures and very expressive I think. The epaulettes were removed, cuffs thickened, a cockade added as well as a sash. Cinzano (was that Bianco or Rosso, I wonder) was a Piedmontese major-general (and colonel of the recently painted Fuiliers regiment) so he is wearing his regimentals as he orders his troops forward at Campo Santo.


  1. Lovely minis...and photos!

  2. Cinzano Bianco or Rosso...ahahhahah. A joke for italians native! However, your minis are delightful.

  3. What a wonderful deployment with an outstanding regiment! Again you made a seldom seen unit and artillery pieces - for me, going to your blog is like scrolling in a historical uniform book - fascinating! And the Signore General is a hero, that´s clear!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. Scheck - your blog is an inspiration to me and has made me improve my photography.

  5. I am native from Piedmont and I am astonished by your love for my "country" (I do prefer to consider myself as Savoyard/Piedmontese than Italian); acutally Cinzano is still a very small town next Alba (Ferrero and Nutella) and the name of the General was probably Marone - Cinzano, counts of that town, a family still living today