Saturday, 6 June 2015

Banal-Grenzinfanterieregiment nr. 1

This Grenzinfanterieregiment (Frontier Infantry Regiment) was raised in 1746 by the Banus (honorary title of the governor of Croatia) Carl Joseph Fürst von Batthyányi in the Banat frontier region in present-day Romania. The regiment was then known as the “Grenzinfanterieregiment Carl Joseph Fürst von Batthyányi ,1. Banal-Grenz-Infanterie-Regiment” and consisted of two companies of grenadiers of 120 men each, and of four battalions, each counting four companies of fusiliers of 240 men each, for a total strength of 4080 men.

Operationally, the grenadiers were detached to the Grenadier Corps and the regiment deployed in two battalions with reserves in depot companies. Each battalion had six companies (of about 100 men each) plus a sharpshooter company.
I'm not at all sure how this latter company differed from a normal fusilier company - could they have been rifle armed? Additionally and tactically, each Grenz Battalion was subordinated to a hussar squadron of the same Generalate.

Figures are both Crusader's and Front Rank's and mix well together without too many prejudices! This is the first of four very colourful battalions I will be posting. More pictures will follow.


  1. Wow, fantastic details! And a marvelous blue of the coats... Such units make Austrian´s army more and more sympathetic!!

  2. Love this uniform, and your work on it!

  3. I love the combination of red and blue for the other Grenz regiments often had a unique color such as red and blue for both the trousers and the jackets. Well done.