Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Austrian SYW: IR29 Alt-Wolfenbüttel

For the next few weeks I will be showing you plenty of Austrians from the WAS/SYW. These are big battalions of 24 figures each and are all Crusader Miniatures (28mm) except for one Front Rank officer who won his place for variety's sake.

This is IR 29 (numbers were not introduced until 1769) and it's inhaber was Duke Carl von Branschweig-Wolfenbüttel until 1760 when Loudon took over. It was a hard fighting regiment and participated in most of the battles around Silesia.


  1. That's a stinking mass of Austrians. Very nicely done, I'm sure they'll acquit themselves well.
    I like the background as well. Model railway kit?