Friday, 6 April 2012

Prié-Turinetti - 40mm WAS/SYW Austrians

This was another Walloon Regiment (No.30) that by the SYW was called Sachsen-Gotha. The blue facings were, according to Kronoskaf, 'Ultramarine' and I have shown the palate I tried to achieve. While there would appear to have been just one 'red' Austrian facing colour, there were many different types of blue and in the earlier WAS, this shade of blue was on the cuffs, lapels, waistcoat, trousers and turn backs. By the SYW, the blue facings remained only on the cuffs and lapels.

The trousers appear to have been the first to change to white and I have shown this 2nd battalion of the regiment in a transition phase before most of the blue disappeared.

In my army I will be fielding a number of single battalion regiments and this is the first. The next will have violet facings.


  1. Excellent painting style!

  2. Wonderful looking unit. Great work.

  3. Yes, very sharp. I might just have to add a similar unit to my own forces.

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  4. these figures look amazing great paint work