Friday, 20 April 2012

28mm SYW Prussian 6pdr Battery

Zinnfiguren Prussian 6pdr guns plus limbers, Foundry gun crews and Front Rank horses.


  1. Excellent job as ever.

    Just curious about the pom poms colours.

    I have been looking these up since I'm in the process of finnishing my Prussian gun team.

    The only real reference I have is Woods who I think gives white, black, red & yellow ascending. Kronoscaf unfortunately doesn't seem to have an entry at this point on artillery uniforms.

    It looks as though you have left it at red is this simply an admirable yearning for simplicty and utility or is there more to it?

    I was also wondering if there is any justification for red piping around the pocket flaps on the back of the coats in your opinion.

    Can't find anything in either Woods or Duffy for that but was just curious if you had any suggestions.



  2. Robert,
    G&B says a red pompom. Some of the Foundry figures have a pompom, others a cockade. As for the red trim around the pockets, I don't know for sure but it was quite possible.
    Your call, sorry I can't help more.
    PS Even though I sell them, I do recommend the Grrenwood & Balls!!

  3. Great work, love the colours and your bases!