Wednesday, 18 April 2018

40mm WAS/SYW Austrian IR Prié-Turinetti (IR30) revamped

I painted the second battalion way back in April 2012 so here is the entire regiment ready to join the first brigade of Clerici's division. This is a strong brigade of six battalions and will be under the command of GM von Krottendorff (I have also seen his name spelt as Kottendorff). The second brigade consists of the four Hungarian battalions, painted but not yet rebased.

Note the green flag. There was a great variety of flags in use in the WAS and I plan to have as many different ones as I can track down.


  1. This brigade looks really stunning, also with the different flags. The green one is indeed rarely seen and I like your composition. Also the officer is a good choice (I guess it´s one of the Trident´s AWI generals?). Very beautiful buildings in the background - great post! Thank you very much for this inspiration

  2. A fantastic looking Brigade. Infact I have to agree with Scheck, the best word for these is Stunning.