Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Kreisinfanterieregiment Pfalz-Zweibrücken

This two battalion regiment had no grenadiers, which was rather unusual. But like other units it was made up from 'recruits' (forced recruits, I would imagine) from many places. This is from Kronoskaf:
A muster role of 1757 counts 18 fusilier companies and no grenadiers. These companies included troops from the following contingents:
  • the Bishopric of Fulda (4 fusilier coys)
  • the Bishopric of Speyer (3.5 fusilier coys)
  • the Principality of Waldeck (2 fusilier coys)
  • the Counties of Ysenburg-Büdingen and Ysenburg-Waechtersbach (1 fusilier coy)
  • the Principality of Ysenburg-Birstein-Offenbach (1 fusilier coy)
  • the Electorate of Mainz for the County of Königstein (1 fusilier coy)
  • the two Counts von Stolberg for the County of Königstein, the Imperial City of Friedberg and the Imperial City of Wetzlar (1 fusilier coy)
  • the Margraviate of Baden-Baden for the County of Sponhein (1 fusilier coy)
  • the Imperial City of Speyer and the Principalities of Dagstuhl and Bretzenheim (1 fusilier coy)
  • the Counties of Alt-Leiningen (Haus Runckel), Wittgenstein-Berleburg, and Wittgenstein-Wittgenstein, including the latter's contribution for the County of Homburg (1 fusilier coy)

Overall, the regiment included 33 distinct contingents.
But the flags are great! I am coming to the view that I should do some of these in 40mm to add them to my Austrians.


  1. Wonderful job as always, love this uniform!

  2. A great looking unit. Worth having in one's army for the flags alone!

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