Monday, 9 February 2015

Kreisregiment Württemberg Dragoons

This was Wurttemberg’s cavalry contribution to the Reichsarmee. There is an interesting comment on Kronoskaf concerning the coat colour: at the battle of Rossbach in 1757 this regiment had medium blue coats similar in colour to Prussian Dragoons and the coat colour proved to be it’s downfall as it was attacked by the Austrian Hussar regiment Szecheny and lost its standard. Thereafter the regiment changed it’s coat colour to dark blue.

I have painted it in the Prussian Dragoon blue which is in itself a tricky colour to get right. I’ve seen Cornflower blue used and that is definitively too light. I attach a picture of a genuine dragoon coat held in a museum.

Next week – Wurttemberg artillery.

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  1. Interesting background on the unit's fate at Roßbach! I'm very impressed by the size of your units. It's more work at the painting table, but the dividend is payed back in visual appeal and grandeur. Looking forward to the artillery!