Sunday, 23 November 2014

Württemberg Infantry Regiment Spiznass

This regiment pairs up with the one I painted last week. The only difference between this regiment and Prinz Louis is the pompom colour and this regiment has yellow hat lace. A good tip for painting yellow hat lace is not to use yellow at all – it is far too bright – but to use sand, as I have done here.

The third picture shows the battalion of converged grenadiers that was the product of these two regiments. It was commanded in 1757 by Major Berthold Dominik von Plessen.

Sadly, Wurttemberg seems to have had uniform flags for all regiments and they were not that exciting either.


  1. So many mustaches to paint. They look great. You do eyes quite well.

  2. Stunning! Not just the mustaches, the gaiter buttons!