Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hanoverian Garde du Corps

Over the next few weeks I'll be putting up six more cavalry regiments serving with the Allies on the Western theatre of the SYW. Here is the one-squadron Hanoverian Garde du Corps.

There is an interesting comment on Kronoskaf: "On June 26 1757, during the French invasion of Hanover, the regiment took part in the battle of Hastenbeck where it was deployed in the second line of the cavalry right wing. The cavalry was not really tested in the battle. They were superbly mounted, but drilled in the old German style tactics that meant that they were steady, but slow. They would have charged at a trot and quite likely would have received an enemy charge at the halt, trusting their firearms." I can't imagine that Prince Ferdinand would have allowed that to last long.

The regiment was mounted on greys (whites). The figures are Front Rank.

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  1. Slow, German-style tactics aside, there's nothing quite like red-coated cavalry on greys. Lovely brushwork as always.

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