Monday, 27 September 2010

Correos and the last of the Gallic cavalry

Correos commands the four units of Gallic cavalry in the Sotiate army. He is a 1st Corps figure. The last of the cavalry units is actually a packet of plastic Germans from Wargames Factory and difference between the Germans and the Gauls is small - the Germans have bare feet, different heads, command and shields but otherwise can easily be used as Gauls. I have changed most of the heads as well as shields but otherwise these serve perfectly well as Gauls.

So all the cavalry (a total of six Gallic regiments) for Crassus's invasion are ready and the plan is to finish both these armies by the yearend as well as paint up some Napoleonic units as well. The first half of next year will see a return to the SYW/WAS project.

Later on this week I'll try to post pictures of all this cavalry on the table.

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  1. I dislike WF horses because they are running out of any size but your painting is quite good and I like your shields.