Thursday, 25 December 2008

More pictures and would someone get me another Bloody Mary

I said I'd grab a few minutes to post these pictures and, as I write, the turkey is in the oven (great smells are wafting in my direction) and my Bloody Mary needs refilling but here goes:

Top picture: Red or 1st Division on a hill. Two British brigades in the foreground with a 6pdr battery in between. In the rear, two battalions of the Hanoverian guards.

2nd picture: 2nd Division. Hanoverian brigade in the left foreground and Brunswick brigade on the right. Held in the rear is the Hessian Brigade.

3rd picture. British cavalry brigade looking very lonely. The project for February and March is to add two more cavalry brigades.

4th and 5th pictures: the town inhabited only by vagrants as all 'sensible' people have left fearing the effects of war on their neighbourhoods!

6th picture: the line of infantry stretching into the distance.

7th picture: The Hessian brigade in the foreground, the Brunswickers in the background, and the C-in-C all in place close to the Fat Chicken Inn.

8th picture: The Red (or 1st) Division from the rear.

Have a great holiday and pass the port!


  1. Golly, Nigel, make up your mind . . . bloody mary or port?

    Enjoy your Christmas day.

    -- Jeff

  2. Can't help you with the bloody mary, but I can tell you that those are great pictures! I do like the flags.

    Merry Christmas, Nigel.

  3. very nice pictures and I especially like your towns and buildings, scratch built?

  4. Warms my heart to see the speldid redcoats advancing! Stirs the very blood!