Friday, 11 April 2008

More SYW British and Brunswick troops

The first of the British brigades of my WAS/SYW 'Pragmatic Army' is finished (top two pictures).
They show Major General Waldegrave's three battalions - Bentinck's (5th), Guise's (6th) and Stewart's (37th). The only thing lacking is finials on the last two battalions and that will have to wait until my next order to Front Rank. All figures are Foundry.

The bottom two pictures show von Roth's Brunswick Hussars of the SYW. These have been put on eBay (110242407134). Figures are Sash & Saber.


  1. grenadiers for the British regiments?? SYW is not really my period, were they largely deployed in composite battalions by then??

    Lovely paint job, however...

  2. Nice work, Nigel! I like the way you did the lace, a very difficult thing to paint correctly at this scale.

  3. Yes, I have a grenadier battalion on its way. Every time I paint a regiment I also paint the 3 extra grenadiers so when the final six line regiments are done, so is the extra converged grenadier battalion.