Thursday, 27 March 2008

ACW:Gilsa's brigade of Barlow's Division-11th Corps

One of my background projects has been the American Civil War. I'm somewhat limited in source material so I've created a fictional order-of-battle for the Union 11th Corps.
The first Division (Barlow's) is finished and the three pictures above are of one of the two brigades - namely Colonel Gilsa's.
This brigade contains:
36th New York (6 bases of 3 figures)
88th New York (7 bases of 3 figures)
10th Massachusetts (5 bases of 3 figures)
Companies C and D of the 2nd Sharpshooters (8 figures)

I am planning to use computer rules so the basing system is mine. Each base is 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches. The figure scale is 1:33. Lastly, I know that some of the regimental numbers I have chosen might not have existed but such, in my view, is artistic licence. All the figures are, by the way, Sash & Saber, and are to be highly recommended.

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